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Resistivity Meter

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Surface Resistivity Meter

Surface Resistivity Meter

Surface Resistivity Meter

Surface Resistivity meter. Professional geophysical field measurements. Are designed for Adrenaline Resistivity Meter, deep treasure hunters and treasure seekers. For this reason, the standard pakette has a 15m measurement cable. And this cable can be scanned up to 500m2 depth up to 15m depth. For this reason, you can increase the detection depth and scan area by changing the measurement cable. With a 30 meter measurement cable. An area of 1000 m2 can scan up to 30 meters.The biggest advantage of the Adrenaline Meter Resistance Meter is simple to use. And it does not require any special training for proper use. Because it’s easy to use. Can be used by a single operator. And you can make accurate measurements. The signal is transmitted from four electrons to a six-sided square.


Adrenaline resistance device; buried treasure and metal, tunnel and underground gaps. It is a scientific tool that perceives the objects that have been under the ground for many years. The working principle of the device is to measure the resistivity between grounded square electrodes.

The soil strength can vary depending on the presence of factors such as metal, time or water. The LCD screen also displays water-iron and precious metals. It also shows resistance values of large volume rocks and minerals.

As a result, the metal target must have a bulk weight of 5 kg. or more so that it can remain below the soil for at least 20 years and can be correctly detected.

The purpose of this page is to provide information about surface resistivity meter, method, price and characteristics of how and what is done, and resistivity meter price.

Water Resistivity Meter

rezistivite altın ölçüm direnç değerirezistivite boşluk ölçümü direnç değeri

      gold resistance volue                                                    cavity resistance volue     

Rezistivite dolgu kuyu ölçümü direnç değeriRezistivite demir ölçüm direnç değeri

                     filling resistance volue                                                iron resistance volue                      

Rezistivite su ölçüm direnç değeriRezistivite mineral ölçüm değeri direnç değeri

water resistance volue                                                 mineral resistance volue


Scan Area (500m2) field detection

Identify up to 15 meters depth.

Accurate and precise measurements with precision digital display

Target identification overload LED.

Easy to use, small and portable design.

Waterproof, shockproof bag comes with.

use simple techniques for professional results.

Small (under 5kg) differences in the detection of low-value targets.

Four ground electrode and 4 x 15 m measuring cable

300 Watt internal electronic signal converter for power.

220V 12V 4.5 Ah battery and automatic charger

Large spaces structure up to 30 m depth

2 year warranty, English and turkish user manual

Rezistivite Cihazı

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