10 May 2017
10 May 2017


$ 986,00

Adrenalin Detector MFD Long Range Locator


Metal detector price

Metal detector price. MFD is the first developed field screening that distinguishes with the filter system.

Metal detector price

Adrenalin MFD, thanks to advanced field scanning, which are 100 meters in diameter (phones, base stations, satellite signals, etc.) can filter high frequency waves.
Due to the advanced features found on the MFD space elimination screening model only, users can filter out false signals which can be direct to the wrong target in the field.

Metal detector price

After MFD is operated ‘ON’, special signals are sent under the ground and top of the land during half an hour. As a result of special signals sent, spurious signals are filtered like minerals. Special signals are sent by the Adrenalin MFD best field under ground so that the search object (resonance) will be put into good reaction. Pacifying of false magnetism which are formed by minerals, rate of electrons and magnetic field extracted from the object reacted is increased 1000-fold to make detection.The electric and magnetic field sensor electronics, only detects the magnetic field and electrons extracted from the object reacted at zone cleared off the wrong signals like minerals.


Metal detector price

Unlike the other area scanning devices, MFD best field is a combination of two separate electronic components.

1. Frequency generator and Signal transmitter, performs the process of sending the MFD signals to soil and the soil beneath the upper zone. Selecting searching space or type of good metal optionally, scanning metal elimination process is carried out when the system is active.

2. ‘Signal Finder’ signal receiving sensor unit, can work independently without signal generator and signal transmitter units and can detect the gap and the metal. Signal finder, unlike the handmade area scanners has mineral and metal distinction feature in the screening system in Adrenalin MFD area scanning system. All metals and closed pore structures will be able to identified. All metals under earth have different magnetic identification from each other. Magnetic identity differences apply different push and pull force for each metal on the receiving system and bars. Availabe advanced metal discrimination feature only in Adrenalin MFD field scanning system, possible reactive variations on the metal magnetic sensor sticks of the metals’ magnetic differences can be understood.

Metal detectors for sale.

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Screen Resulution

Search Within

Depht Perception



Battery Requirements

Operating Temperature

Mode of Operation

Warranty Period

8bit, 10bit ADC

128×64 piksel

250 Meters

6 Meters

WCC %L Bars


6 Adet AA batteries and 1 9V Battery

0C – 50C

Gold, Silver, Space

Receiver – Transmitter System

2 Years



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