11 May 2017
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11 May 2017


$ 681,00

Adrenalin Detector VLF


Metal detector hobby

Metal detector hobby. It is the most successful detector to find deep metal objects. 
Metal detector hobby

Metal detector hobby

Old historic remains. Detecting precious jewels and metal objects in difficult depths. It is the most successful money finding detector. Heavy and highly mineralized soils. The objects on it provide easy and effortless operation that high stability and other money finders can not give you.
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Metal detector hobby

Adrenaline is the first manufacturer of advanced technology detectors. (New) Thanks to the powerful and deeply unique ability of perception. It provides comfortable and effortless handling on the hardest floors (high mineral, mineral stone and brick floors). Metal detector hobby.
Adrenaline is a new detector that distinguishes it from other technologies. High metallic. in mineral stone and brick areas. In extremely salty soil and wet sandy beaches. You will enjoy the Adrenaline Detector to search for high magnetic field soil conditions.

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The intuitive feature of adrenaline is the separation of sound metal. This can be rejected by scanning precious metals (metal steels, iron, hunting cartridges). And you can search abundantly in pleasant, enjoyable moments. Precious metals can be distinguishes from tone changes depending on the metal type. You may feel that metals such as large steel and beer canisters are in worthless classes. Gold metal detectors.

Lightweight design and easy to use, Adrenalin notifies users of targets set in different tones. Adrenalin. Thanks to its ability to detect at high speed (recovery rate). Detection of steel faults in abundant quantities. And it allows them to be corrected. And now the deepest money finder in your class.

Best metal detector for beginners

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