10 May 2017


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Gold Detector


Long Range Gold Locator


Long Range Gold Locator. The MFD Pro (long-range locator) is an advanced technology designed to detect interior spaces such as tunnels, caves, burial dome, and gold, silver, bronze, copper bullion metals. For this reason, it is the leader in the class of devices produced in the world’s remote sensing.

Long Range Gold Locator

Long Range Gold Locator

It was developed to detect voids, historical remains, and especially precious metals buried or lost long ago. The buried treasure, gold bullion, and many valuable objects provide scanning as soon as possible in certain areas. As a result, scanning technology has reached a new dimension due to long-term R & D activities.

Best of gold long range detector. Precise power adjustment according to soil mineral property and the space distance.

Long Range Gold Locator

Mfd The greatest difference of professional field scanning model. The area is right across the area with the scanning bar. And by good discrimination is to determine the point location of the target. It has two-cycle Transceivers feature that are currently not in any scanning systems on the market. For this reason, radios have the ability to detect ionic and magnetic synchronous signals. Using two different cyclic detection techniques. Having the ability to remove the negativities that may arise from differences in winter and summer. Thus, the world’s unique natural magnetic field scanning model. Adrenaline Mfd models, mining companies, professional owners, treasure hunters. And it is the best metal detector search bars before anything else used by archaeologists.

Mfd Adrenalin is also a mineral of the Pro system. And by removing the metal separating feature from the center, gold, silver, copper, bronze and enclosed areas can be determined. Each material under the soil has a different magnetic identity from each other. Magnetic identification differences apply pushing and pulling forces to signal receiving rods. Because of this, only the adrenaline mfd pro system has the advanced metal discrimination feature and you can understand the magnetic metal differences due to the potential differences on the reactive sensor system.

Long Range Gold Locator


Excellent work in all weather conditions. Feature of resetting the  magnetic target signal shifts occur during scanning.


Setting according to the level of all types of magnetic and mineral soil structure and manual power alignment feature providing high-performance. Long Range Gold Locator.


Manual calibration feature with precise tuning. It allows minimizing the distinction errors that can occur on the target.


Precise power adjustment according to soil mineral property and the space distance.



Thanks to the advanced harmonic signal distribution, increased depth and distinction is achieved. Mineral rock, mineral stones and garbage metals are masked. Correctly identifying the target of collector sticks can be ensured. Long Range Gold Locator


Single gold, silver, bronze, copper and cavity detection

500 meters wide and over target detection

100 meters or more in depth determination

Positive discriminating feature

The ability to select the type of target (gold, silver, bronze, copper, space)

calibration feature to search by metal

ensure compliance magnetic mineral soil level

Magnetic – ionic signal waves receiver, free swivel antennas

a 9V battery usage and twelve 1.5V AA

Secure the original plastic carrying case

Dimensions; 46x35x17cm / weight; 6.3kg

2 year factory warranty certificate


Field Scanning

The purpose of this page is to provide information on the longest Range Gold Scanner, Area Scan, Deep Scan and long-range gold search metal detector, the best long-range gold search and long-range water finding tool. It’s written for this reason.  Alan Tarama Çubukları Fiyatları



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