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Ground Penetrating Radar


Gpr ground penetrating radar

Gpr ground penetrating radar. Z-18 is produced with the latest technology for professional use geophysical equipment. Z-18, GPR instrument device which can detect anomalies in the target area is based on the electromagnetic impulse method.

 gpr ground penetrating radar

    The Z18 can detect many different objects. In particular, these include metal objects, layer formation, groundwater level and voids. Most importantly, grave chambers contain natural formations or pipes, tanks, chests and similar objects. The microprocessor controlled system automatically performs position, depth measurement and data storage. As a result, you can easily evaluate the video being scanned and received on the computer. The scanned area can be analyzed with a three-dimensional graphical Z-18 program. GPR is a professional tool with high resolution geophysical equipment. For this reason, due to its compact structure, probes have a suitable structure for use in challenging areas such as forests, rugged, rocky areas. Z-18 gpr ground penetrating radar, geophysical radar and other advanced features of the graphical display.

Gpr ground penetrating radar

Ground Penetrating Radar Best Detector

Ground Scan 

GPR underground radar is a graphical measurement method. For this reason, in this mode, the device creates a 3D underground image for you, and with the help of a computer you can get gaps in metal objects with shape, depth information.


Gpr ground penetrating radar


The current live action feature of embedded objects is instantly viewable.

Video metal detector and


In this mode, you can distinguish most importantly, gaps and also non-ferrous metals and iron.

Görüntülü dedektör

Gpr ground penetrating radar


One of the more advanced features of the Z-18 Gpr radar system is a clearer picture. For this reason, the observed field has the most electromagnetic shielding properties that minimize the effects of minerals and magnetic imaging.

     Delivery Content

  • Laptop
  • 3d software
  • 1 meter super sensor
  • Headphone
  • Charger
  • English manual
  • Carrying case
Gpr ground penetrating radar

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