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Good metal detectors

Good metal detectors. T.S.M.F has a scientific gold resonance detection theory newly developed.

Good metal detectors

  Adrenalin T.S.M.F biggest feature is that prices are unbeatable in terms of performance and in addition, to be able to detect the magnetic resonance match in the field research conducted in the diameter of 100 meters by making distinction.

altın arama çubukları define arama çubukları fiyatları özellikleri ve kullanımı iki kişi tarafından kullanılan en iyi alan tarama dedektörü ve cihazı hakkında ayrıntılı bilgi iletişim adresimizden alabilirsiniz.

Good metal detectors

Adrenalin Define Bars (Twin System Magnetic Finder), is advanced technology designed to detect indoor space structures such as tunnels cave, burial, vault and precious metals such as gold, silver, bronze, copper bullion. 

alan tarama cihazı

Treasure Bars specifically are developed to detect buried or long ago lost ruins of historical buildings including precious metals and cavities. Gold Search Bars are providing the opportunity to search for buried treasure, ingot and many precious objects at large areas in a short time. T.S.M.F used by two people and developed with high prices R & D efforts carried out for a long time; is the first and only field scanning model that can distinguish magnetic resonance between the field surveys.

Good metal detectors

The biggest difference of T.M.S.F model is that, it determines the point of the target with largely right and good resonance distinction. It is successfully able to detect and identify by receiver-transmitter synchronized signals that there is currently no in any gold search bar used by two people in the market. Transceiver synchronizing signals have magnetic resonance sensing and detection capabilities.

It is the world’s unique model used by two persons and having the ability to eliminate all the negativity that may arise from differences in winter and summer by using Transceiver detection techniques. Adrenalin T.S.M.F models are the best metal detector search bars used by mining companies, professional treasurers, treasure hunters and archaeologists.

With the elimination of metal separation feature in Long range locator, T.S.M.F Adrenalin Pro system, optionally Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze and closed space structures can be determined. Each material below the soil from one to another has a different magnetic identity. Magnetic identity differences, applies the pushing and pulling forces on the signal receiver bars. Available advanced metal discrimination feature in Long range locator only, T.S.M.F Adrenalin Pro system, magnetic metals differences can be understood due to potential differences over reactive sensor system

Good cheap metal detectors

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çubuklu sistem alan tarama



Precious Metals and Gap Detection

Over 100 meters in diameter and Target Identification

6 meters or more in depth determination

Positive discriminating feature

Analogue processor

Ensure compliance magnetic mineral soil level

Safety original plastic carrying case

A 9V battery usage

Dimensions; 50x38cm / weight; 2.65kg

2 year factory warranty certificate

Altın Arama Çubukları Fiyatları

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