11 May 2017
11 May 2017


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Buy Metal Detector. Pulse ID, developed by Adrenalin Treasure, in terms of price and performance, is the highest level of performance in terms of hunting. Adrenalin contains two different modes.
Buy Metal Detector

Pulse ID, developed by Adrenalin Treasure, in terms of price and performance, is the highest level of performance in terms of hunting. Adrenalin contains two different modes. Metal detection mode of the detctr can indicate the metal type and depth on the LCD screen as numerical data. Cavity search mode can specify the size of the gap with the help of the LCD display graphic. Adrenalin is the first hunting model with advanced features that can offer you a very pleasant hunting and easy to use. Especially amateur users and even people who have never used any detcr before can learn the use of the  Adrenalin ID in just 5 minutes and will enjoy all the features.

Buy Metal Detector

Pulse detector and searching treasure, please check our website for treasure device types

Pulse Deep Detector ID Regardless of how mineralized ground, provides the best results even under difficult environmental conditions. Buy Metal Detector.

Pulse induction metal and gold searcing

Operator error or errors like overload signals from nearby metal objects or error caused by environmental conditions, can be realized immediately.

Detectors can be used with smaller search heads. However, the deep search function has been developed for larger metal objects which are mainly at least 6 cm x 6 cm at size.

Therefore 1m x 1 m or larger frames shoul be used in deep search to achieve the best results.

New software developed by Adrenalin Detector primarily offers ease of use and works extremely sensitive.

Adrenalin Detector with only a few control buttons, make the research process fun for beginners, engineers, geologists, archaeologists, scientists and for many others.

Buy Metal Detector.

Pulse detector users; mainly search for waste disposal, meteorites, unexploded ordnance or they search for the missing aircraft. Unnecessary functions do not interfere with the operator’s mind.

Pulse Id treasure hunting Detector are practical to use and easy to understand with Turkish menu. LCD screen can provide detailed information with the help of numerical target conductivity classification feature. It displays the delay of the eddy currents of each signal with certain intensity to give further information may be considered as references related to the possible conductivity metal type detected during treasury.

operation system: severe magnetic vibrations produced by detector spread through via search probe. Magnetic vibrations forms eddy currents on conductive material. The resulting eddy currents are protected on metal objects and will be lost when Magnetic vibrations spreading from search probe end. Because delayed detection step occurs by means of the same detection head (now serving as the receiver), it will be able to detect the eddy currents. To detect these small voltage changes and to distinguish these specific signals from interference, highly complex electronic circuits on the detector is required.

In order to have this audio signal, the detector must be powered by oscillator. So when the metal appears near the detection area of the probe it sends a signal through headphones or built-in speaker. By means of Primary ground vibrations, eddy current generated in the metal object will disappear at different times depending on the conductivity of the metal object. Therefore classification circuit, visibly gives time delay on the eddy current reading taken within the unit time.

In addition, metal or non-metal all of the mine can be identified with the small detector head. This gives more information about the possible types of matter; moreover, due to radiated noise, it is easy to identify the size and the location of buried metal objects.

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pulse gold metal



Adrenalin Detector Pulse ID is a treasure hunting Detector with very sophisticated and also very easy use. Thanks to the advanced metal distinction, it will tell you the metal type of the targets in deep as numerical value between 0-99 without any action. The detector informs the user in the depth of the detected target meter measure on LCD screen.


Metal  Values
00-40 Copper, Brass, Bronze
40-50 Silver, aluminium, Big Gold
50-70 Iron, Steel
65-88 mixture of metal (tin), lead
89-98  Small Gold, Platinum, Polished Metals (small)



Thanks to the Low Frequency Ground Penetrating Radar feature developed by Adrenalin, the gaps like open or closed tombs, vaults, tunnels can be first time identified by a metal detector graphically on LCD display Adrenalin Pulse ID; with the property of instant identifying gaps; shows the empty structures like grave, vault, tunnels and metals contained in the internal structures, loose soil structure as because closed  after dug,  large mineral stones, water channel, etc. instantly on information display..

induction metal detector depth boşluk arama dedektörü


Metal Detector Price

The purpose of this page is to provide the best price of metal detector, to buy the best metal detector and to provide information about price of metal detector price, price of gold detector, price of hand metal detector. Altın Arama Dedektörü Fiyatları

Maximum Depth 38cm Mono probe- 3 Meter

1m x 1m  probe- 5 Meter

1.5m x 1.5m probe- 6 Meter

Operating Frequency 500Hz
Pulse Width 500ms
Batery 12V 4.5Amper
Batery Charger 12V Automatic Batery Charger
Car Charger Adapter 12V cigarette lighter charge
Charging Life 7 Hours
Headphone Compatibility 1/4″ Jack Streo
Title Type Mono 38cm Mono – 100x100cm Frame

Turkish User Guide

12 Volt DC Auto Charger

stereo Headphones

Carrying Case

Turkish CD of Users

Warranty 2 Year Warranty




Metal Size

38cm coil             1x1m coil         1.5×1.5m coil

10×10 cm          120cm                     135cm                      160cm

25×25 cm

50×50 cm

1×1 M

2×2 M

         150cm                     220cm                      265cm

200cm                     300cm                      350cm

250cm                     400cm                      480cm

300cm                     500cm                      600cm



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